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My name is Daniel Owen van Dommelen, an independent filmmaker and musician, and creator of this website. For over two years now, I have tried to support indepedent artist by providing this free platform to promote other artist, and help them connect with each other. During that time some really awesome things have taken place, and sometimes not so awesome things, like when the website was almost stolen entirely.

Anyway, I regret to announce that I have now entirely ran out of money to support myself, and by proxy of that, this website as well. All of the files uploaded to this website were hosted on Amazon's file servers, and they have cut us off, because they were not able to collect on the latest invoice for a while now. They have given me ample opportunity to get things together, even one of my personal friends helped me out trying to keep this platform running, but this is no longer maintainable.

I will however leave a donation link below, if there is any real desire to have this website back coming from the community, a couple of minor donations could get us back up and running, but I am at the moment just accepting that this website is no more.

Thank you for listening and for being part of this past years,

Daniel Owen van Dommelen