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Actress, writer, emerging indie filmmaker Donella Fox trained at Bretton Hall College of the University of Leeds in Dramatic Arts. Some of her acting & writing credits include; “Fallen Angels”, inspired by the Radiohead, OK Computer Album, Bretton Hall & at the Sheffield Octagon. “Bev & The Dragon”, at The Rose Theatre, London, Embankment. “Firefly” at Stratford Theatre Royal, East, Open Stage/Angelic Tales Festival, “Echoes’ at The Hospital Club. “Catch the Falling Leaves” at The Cockpit Theatre, Marylebone, Venus Moon. In 2014 her short vertical film “Time” shot on an iphone as an experiment was picked up by who published it on Litro TV, along side the likes of Kate Tempest. It went on to gain more attention through social media platforms. In July 2015 she set up film company Loka Films. They are working on a TV sitcom “Birdie” based on the play “Catch the Falling Leaves” & have three feature films in development Venus Moon and working titles, “Firefly” & “Infinite Space”. Venus Moon, her first feature film based on her stage play is currently amberlit & in it’s funding stages. They collaborate with other artists from a broad spectrum of the arts moving forward together in a creative all inclusive environment.

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I am Dutch, which tells you most that you must know... Fo...

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I am Dutch, which tells you most that you must know... Founder of this website, sometimes film director, sometimes writer, musician at other times, most times out of my mind. I started this website because I could not find any other places that would promote my work for free. As an independent artist, I do not have the budget for big marketing campaigns, and I have been trying to work out better ways to promote art ever since.

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Sex Chat? Are you listening? Venus Moon explores two dise...

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Sex Chat? Are you listening? Venus Moon explores two disenfranchised London social outcasts, in a comical search of disconnected love, as two unlikely worlds collide in their search for a better life

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