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About Big Flame Thrower:
Born in New Orleans, LA , I've been writing rhymes since the late 90's and have always felt I was destined for stardom.
I developed nicknames such as Black Sheep and World Wide because of my lyrics. Co-workers called me Rap a Lot, because I did just that rapped a lot.
After releasing my solo project My Time to Shine, I became respected as Big Flame Thrower(modestly speaking). Free styling has been a hobby of mine since the age of 12.
Later I began pursuing rap as a career. I've performed in talent shows, clubs, and local concerts, where I've worked along side up and coming
Louisiana artists such as Sam I Am, U.N.L.V Outlaw Music Group, Weebie, Webbie, Lil Boosie, Hot Boy Ronald, Lava House Records, and many others, I also opened for The Party Boys, B.G, Huey, Canibus, U.G.K records.
Although very few people outside of Baton Rouge & New Orleans, LA and Mississippi has heard of Big Flame Thrower,
make no mistake that my drive, persistence, humbleness, and talent will take me just where I'm destined to go- to stardom.

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A dance song, that's sure to get the party going, somethi...

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A dance song, that's sure to get the party going, something that everybody can enjoy good music

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I Be Working- Big Flame Thrower #IBeWorking https://soun...

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I Be Working- Big Flame Thrower #IBeWorking …

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