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Write Now Productions is working on a feature length documentary named "Fly Now". Its a Reality Aviation Documentary about one magical day of flying as seen through the eyes of 'Piety' the Pietenpol Aircamper.
This is a low budget, I mean micro budget, er well ok, - No Budget project dreamt up by my good friend and colleague Brian K. Kissinger.

- I'm director and he is exec producer and driving force. He's a retired Air Force Major, Certified Flight Instructor, 3 time aviation world record holder and author, "Life Short Fly Now".

- I am a private pilot and currently the proud owner of a fully restored 1941 Aeronca Chief. I worked as a cameraman, editor and multi-media journalist for 35 years in television news. Currently retired from the news biz and working harder than ever on this film project.

- Caveat: We all still say 'film' or 'filming' but how many of us still use film? almost none right. Even my 30 year old daughter who works in the advertising industry uses the term filming when they go out on a shoot. Although the youngsters, the millennials, throw up a question mark when she says film or filming. The correct modern term is 'record or recording'.

- More to come later. Check our Facebook page or @flynowmovie also but it needs updating which will be done soon.

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"Fly Now" is a reality aviation documentary. Its R.A.D.

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"Fly Now" is a reality aviation documentary. Its R.A.D.

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